AccuWeather Air Quality Index “Fair” Rating for Tampa Bay Area

Fair Air Quality

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There’s something that we are following that is worth bringing to your attention.

As of Sunday May 7th, the air quality for the Tampa Bay area is rated “fair” by AccuWeather.

The scale ranges from Excellent down to Fair to Poor to Unhealthy to Very Unhealthy to Dangerous. So while a rating of “fair” may cause some trouble for sensitive groups that may experience some minor to moderate reactions, most people will find “fair” acceptable for outdoor activities.

Areas north of Tampa around Hernando County are creeping up to “excellent” while Sarasota to our south issued an air quality warning on Friday May 5th. The rest of the week will see the Tampa area stay in the “fair” range.

Sarasota County has issued an air advisory for elevated ozone levels and/or the potential for elevated ozone levels that fall within the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” category, per Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) national ambient air quality standards for public health. The elevated levels were detected Friday, May 5, at the 17th Street Paw Park.

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