The Best Morning Habits to Adopt for Enhance Happiness and Productivity

Many find the challenge of rising early daunting, particularly when working in an office. The prospect of waking up early might seem like a tough task, especially with the common 9 a.m. office start time. This typically requires waking up around 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. each day. However, a considerable number of people, especially those living near their workplace, will opt to rise just an hour or even 30 minutes before office hours to savor a bit more sleep.

This might please you for a moment, but have you ever considered that starting your day in the right way – without needing to feel you have to rush to go to work, can significantly boost your happiness and productivity?

Researchers have found that simple rituals performed every morning can effectively increase self-confidence and reduce anxiety. To know more about this, read on below to discover the ultimate 5 rituals in the morning that you must do so that your day becomes happier and more productive!

  1. Get Up Early

The first-morning ritual that has to be done is to get up early, even earlier than usual. A study found that successful people tend to have a habit of getting up early in the morning. They utilize this more time in the morning to do productive activities that can do wonders for their overall well-being. If you are having trouble getting up early, don’t forget to set an alarm as a wake up call for you.

  1. Enjoy Breakfast Slowly

Instead of getting out of the house with coffee in hand or even skipping breakfast altogether, try to spend a few minutes before going to work to enjoy your breakfast. Being able to enjoy and savor your breakfast slowly, will help to make you feel more at ease and fullfill in starting your new day. More than that, having breakfast beforehand can also help you to be more focused on finishing your work without being distracted by momentary hunger.

  1. Make Daily Plan

Make a habit of starting your day by planning down what you want to do for the day. Be it for work or personal needs, make sure you write down each of your every move. Cresting daily plans will give you a clear direction of what to do to carve out achievements. This morning ritual will also help you to not forget any important tasks or crucial things you need to do. Make sure to check out your planner throughout the day and give remarks on any task that you have done.

  1. Routinely Exercising

The next thing you should do as your morning habit is to routinely exercise. Morning is a good time to exercise, even more so than doing it after office hours. The reason why morning exercise is much preferred is because in addition to the health benefits we can get – exercise in the morning can also help to lift your mood and shoo away your stress.

It is best to not overdo it when exercising in the morning. You can start slow or opt for an easier-to-do workout routine, such as yoga, jogging, or doing your morning walk. Set aside time for 30 minutes to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. 

To enhance your workout spirit, once in a while splurge for yourself and shop for the best workout gear to transform your exercise routine for the better. Be it a yoga mat, running shoes, or new activewear – choose which workout gear you will need to support your workout routine in the future!

  1. Practice Gratitude

This is a great ritual to add to your morning routine. You should spend a few minutes before starting your day practicing gratitude. Think through what you have wished for and what you have achieved so far in your life. Sit through your feelings and start cultivating gratefulness for all of these achievements. 

Do keep in mind that you don’t have to be grateful only for the big things that you’ve achieved. Practice gratitude can start even from the smallest thing. For example, being grateful that you still have work and a stable income to help sustain your life, being grateful for your health, being grateful for being loved, and many more. Practicing gratitude will help you to start your day with calmness and full of joy.

These are the best morning activities that you should do instead of opting for more sleep. Incorporating this activity into your new habit will help you become a better and more productive individual. Thus from now on, start your day right and adopt these as your new habits!